Getting Caught Up

I have been a little lax on getting things posted. The weekend and beginning of this week was crazy. On Sunday, Ryan and I had dinner and bingo with Gina and Cody. Me and Gina won but it wasn’t a lot but still good to win nonetheless. It was such a great time but I was bad food wise. We ate at Johnny Carinos and it was definitely a cheat day for me. My first one since I started my new journey and I was really nervous about having a cheat day because there have been times when a cheat day turned into a cheat weekend that turned into a cheat week into a cheat month and before I know it I am cheating everyday.

I spent my birthday cleaning the house and preparing for my grandma to come visit from Washington. She got in around 7 pm we came home dropped off her things, changed and went to Jack Allens for a birthday dinner. I had a birthday salad (Twisted Cobb Salad-grilled achiote chicken, roasted corn, grape tomatoes, cotija cheese, pumpkin seeds ranch vinaigrette and homemade corn nuts). This is SUCH a big deal for me because I would have much rather had the chicken fried chicken and I was my birthday so I definitely had a “reason” to cheat and I didn’t!! So this was a huge non-scale victory for me and my mindset was that I was going to eat a salad so I could have many more happy, healthy birthdays.

Tuesday my grandma and I hung out running all day. We went to Macys and she got me some new shoes for working out, 2 new pairs of workout pants/capris, and a new sports bra. It was all much needed and the shoes are soooo much better than what I had before.  We went to Joann to get the supplies for our sewing marathon that we would have on Wednesday. We went to HEB to get some groceries for din din. By the time we got home it was time to make dinner. Ryan made the chicken (for me and grandma) and steak (for him) on the grill and grandma made this delicious cucumber salad. We ate and shortly after headed out to babysit for the evening.

Wednesday we got home pretty earlier and started our sewing marathon. We finally finished about 3:30 pm. My grandma took in 7 panels of curtains, made a new curtain for the back door, and assisted me in making a t-shirt blanket. The s-shirt blanket is a beast and is not quite yet finished. Afterwards I took her up to see where I work and meet my work family and then took her to her friends house for a sleepover. The only thing that I would have done differently over the last few days is take some time to get in a workout of some sort. I did not gain anything while on my little diversion which is good but I didn’t loose anything either. I am soo close to that first 10 lbs being gone so that is my immediate focus.

I went back to work on Thursday and started tracking calories again. After work had a training session with Tanner (my PT). It was really a great workout. We did circuit work with 5 different stations and before I know it I have busted my ass for 20+ minutes.

Yesterday, I made it to the gym for a nice cardio session (which I still need to do more of). Here are the results.

workout 4-17

Today, I am going to go to my cousins after I get off of work to spend time with family before they head back home. Nothing like some good family time just wish that Leah and Talaya would be there with us. Just patiently waiting until I get to see them again because I know I will be able to one day. 



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