The Scale Says What??

prepare to die!


I stepped on the scale this morning and I was sooooo happy!! Down 3.4 lbs since Wednesday and 7.2 lbs down since the 31st. Next goal is out of the 40’s.


This is the last weekend I will spend being 30. I have so much to do. First thing in the morning, 10 am, I have a workout with my trainer. I need to get an oil change, do some touch up painting, going shopping and for pedis with Sherri and we will see what else is in store. I didn’t work out last night because I had a lot to do around the house but I was able to get some cardio in tonight. I did feel bad for not doing anything Thursday but sometimes rest is necessary. My workout results for tonight are …

workout 4-8

I am going to have to step up my cardio game. Me and the elliptical are going to be best friends!! Here is the beginning of our budding friendship….

workout 4-10

I had a yummy dinner and have decided that I will have to make it more often. Turkey (100 cal because I had 2 servings), cheese (35 cal) and spinach (20 cal) sandwich with Miracle Whip (50 cal) and Mustard (0 Cal) with chips (120 cal), egg (60 cal) and pickles (10 cal). Had a hard time meeting the water goal today but I am finishing that up right now.

dinner 4-10

Had a hard time meeting the water goal today but I am finishing that up right now. Some days are harder than others but time got away from me today.

Last night I made spaghetti squash with chicken, mushrooms, garlic and kale. It was not my favorite dish and in the future I will use spinach instead of kale because I didn’t like the texture. The mushrooms were so juicy and tasty. I took the leftovers to lunch today but didn’t totally finish it.

dinner 4-9 lunch 4-10

I did yard work on Wednesday which I counted as my workout. Here are the results from that workout…

4-10 workout





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