Still motivated

I have been on the go since last Tuesday and it has never felt better to sit my butt on the couch and watch my piled up recorded TV. The only difference between sitting on the couch a few weeks ago and sitting on the couch tonight is that I don’t feel as guilty for doing it.

I hit and exceeded my water goal both yesterday and today so I am excited about that. I have found that I want to get the goal out of the way as soon as possible so that anything that I do after is just extra! It also keeps me full so I am not always hungry.

Yesterday I was up super early (I couldn’t sleep) so I actually cooked breakfast. 100 calorie english muffin, cheese, Canadian bacon, and a little bit of grape jelly. I also had coffee.

breakfast 4-6

I came home for lunch and made this yummy sandwich, pickles and tomato and cucumbers with balsamic. It was delicious! I love balsamic vinegar and today Tristy gave me a good idea to use it when cooking as “sauce”. I cannot wait to try it.

lunch 4-6


I had a snack a little after lunch cottage cheese and strawberries. I like the combo with peaches more. I also tried a different cottage cheese and I didn’t like it as much as the one I used previously. I will be changing back to the old one Breakstone or something like that.

snack 4-6


I had my first workout with my personal trainer yesterday. The workout is about 20-25 minutes and my results are ….

workout 4-6

My trainer said that sometimes the calories for circuit training are not correctly calculated so it was likely more that I burned but I will just use this number since it is something I can see. For dinner I had a smart one, carrots, kiwi and a almond snack bar.

Today when I weighed myself it showed I was down 1.8 lbs. Some progress is still progress and I am good with that. I am going to start taking pictures of my weigh-ins for even more motivation.

Linda and Tristy were over my way today so we went to lunch together. It was a little reunion. We went to Olive Garden and I must admit it wouldn’t normally be my first choice when I am trying to shake off the pounds but I was able to find some healthier choices that fit into my calories. I had the rosemary garlic chicken with garlic mashed potatoes (400 cal), minestrone soup (110 cal), and some salad (140 cal). I drank water and I didn’t eat not one bread stick!

lunch 4-7


I went to the Lunch Crunch PM tonight with Dulce. It was a good workout and gosh that trainer is crazy good. She makes everything look so easy. Here are my results.

workout 4-7


I had a nice protein packed salad with chicken, eggs, carrots, cucumbers, grape tomato and light balsamic vinaigrette.




dinner 4-7





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