Still Going


FInish Line

It has been a little over 3 months and I have lost 26 pounds. While the number on the scale is a little disappointing (more on that later) the weight loss community also speaks to Non-Scale Victories (NSV) and I have a lot of those. In addition to feeling stronger, healthier and just plain better overall some of my big NSVs are:

  • I have gone from a 2X-3X to XL in shirt sizes and I am down a pant size or two.
  • I can fit into all of my old work clothes that I was saving for “when I lost some weight”.
  • I am going to have to have my wedding ring re-sized very soon because it is about to fall off of my finger.
  • I can run longer before I run out of breath. Still not too far but further than before.

While I am eating WAYYY better than I was 3 months ago this is still the area that I need to make my focus in the coming weeks and months. This, in my opinion, is the reason why I have only lost 26 pounds and not 36 or 46 pounds. Yes, I said ONLY. I know, I know… don’t lecture me about my choice of the word only. I know it is better than nothing and is a great accomplishment. I am not discounting losing 26 pounds but I would be lying if I said that I was not disappointed by this number. Mostly because I feel like my effort and hard work in the gym should be reflected more in my weight loss.

My friend tagged my in an Instagram post the other day that said the following:

eating right


She tagged me in this post and I had not shared my struggles with her about my eating habits. I saw it as a sign, as well as, a good reminder of what I need to add to my priorities in order to maximize my success.

With that being said, I am still VERY motivated and much enjoy a good gym session and workouts with my trainers, Juan and Ashly. When I started my journey I told myself that I was not going to set a number of days that I had to go to the gym each week because I didn’t and don’t want it to feel like a chore. I want it to be something that I want to do. I really think this is working well for me because I find myself working out 5-6 days a week and it isn’t getting boring.

There are still some days that I don’t want to go and sometimes I don’t but most often, I find, those are the days I need it most so I push myself and make myself go and I never regret it! :)

Thank you to everyone who provides me the support, motivation and encouragement to push forward in my journey. I am off to a great start but still have a long way to go. Until next time!