Where do I start?


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There is not an easy way to say this. I could add some fluff to this intro but it would only delay the inevitable. I will be 31 in 13 days and as of this morning, I topped the scales at 249.8 pounds. How did I get here?

In the fall of 2006 I weighed 160 pounds after busting my butt that summer counting calories and working out at the gym 5 days a week. Since then I have slowly been packing on the pounds. I weighed somewhere between 200 and 210 lbs at my March wedding two years ago. On September 10th of 2013 I smoked my last cigarette and quickly gained about 40 lbs and added an additional 10 lbs after the quick 40 I gained after I quit smoking.

I am a non-smoker (this is still so strange for me to say) and I have gone over 12 months without drinking a soda. Giving up soda was way easier than I thought it would be and I told myself that I could still have them in moderation if I wanted to but now I have gone so long I just don’t want to break the streak.

I have been preparing myself  over the last few months to work on life changes that will help me lose all of this weight I have slowly and quickly packed on over the last 9 years.

I have been inspired by my friends as well as complete strangers who are working hard to get fit and healthy. I would have to say that my friend Debra is a huge motivator for me. She is ALWAYS working out and doesn’t make it easy for me to make excuses because she sure doesn’t.

She always posts pictures after her workouts using the hash tag #picsoritdidnthappen. I am glad she did/does because seeing that is both motivational and inspiring.

Starting today, I am embarking on a weight loss journey that means a serious lifestyle change, a lot of hard work, sweat and effort. I met with a personal trainer today. “Why now?” he asked. My response to him was:

  • I want to look in the mirror and feel good about it
  • I want to wear cute clothes and not feel like a fatty
  • My husband and I would like to have children
  • I want to possibly avoid health problems that run in my family, including obesity

When you think about needing to lose 100 pounds it is super overwhelming. You know you need to do something but you don’t know where to start and I seems so impossible. I have been doing little things to get going over the last few weeks.

My husband and I are trying to avoid eating out for 30 days (Subway is the one exception). Over the last 5 days, I have been trying to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day and have been successful for most of them. I am working on it :)

I worked out yesterday and today and I am trying to make healthy food choices. I made my first batch of spaghetti squash which turned out to be pretty tasty.

So….Where do I start?

  • I start today!
  • I start one calorie at a time!
  • I start one pound at a time!
  • I start one meal at a time!
  • I start one ounce of water at a time!




Thank you to everyone who has already been an inspiration and motivation to me and a huge thank you in advance for all of the support and encouragement!! I will certainly need it!